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We are a personal training studio located in Bay Village that specializes in 1-on-1 & small group training. Feel safe & secure in our private suites!

We believe in encompassing all aspects of your health when creating your program; health, exercise and lifestyle.  We customize programs for you that are practical, efficient, and fun!


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Whether it’s losing weight, trimming and toning, or strength improvement, our group sessions will help improve your overall health and have you feeling great. Our group sessions are circuit based with a focus on elevating your heart rate and increasing strength!


Classes are designed to accommodate anyone regardless of their fitness level or previous injuries.


Want to lose weight and get toned?  Have performance goals and want to get stronger?  Want to make sure you're using proper form?

Our private training includes a program that's customized for your specific goals.  Our customized programs are designed to be efficient, practical, and most importantly fun!


Chronic low back pain? Restricted shoulder mobility? How about stiffness or pain in the knee? Through research proven methods, we can assist you in your journey to becoming pain-free once again!


We provide clients with the resources and tools necessary to return or remain in tip-top condition.


Never did I think I would look forward to working out but Nate and Rashad make me look forward to our sessions. They are caring and wicked smart in that they don’t miss details and are always making sure we are safe, using proper moves and weights appropriate for each person’s ability. And, they are encouraging throughout each session. The circuit is never boring and neither are they.

- Debby R.

If you want to get back into shape but not sure where to start, I highly recommend contacting Unified Fitness.  Every workout is equally challenging and FUN yet no two workouts are the same.  As a full-time working professional with two small children, I needed a fitness plan that was close to home, that would accommodate my busy schedule and would work with me to achieve my goals.  In my nine months of training, I’ve lost 40lbs and have more energy and strength than I ever thought possible.

- Jen S.

I’ve been training with Rashad and Nate for a while and it’s been awesome! They hold me accountable and keep me motivated. They design personalized work out that are tailored to my goals and skill set. Definitely would recommend if you’re looking for fun and knowledgeable trainers!

- Brittany B.

Rashad and Nate are both very attuned to my exercise needs and my ever changing schedule. They pay close attention and adjust exercises to the needs of the moment. I highly recommend Unified Fitness.

- Jim F.


650 Dover Center Rd, Bay Village, Ohio 44140

440 568 0029

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