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Rose Weinstein

Fitness Coach

Rose is originally from Baltimore where she earned a BS in Biology from Loyola University in Maryland and a MA in Teaching from The Johns Hopkins University.

She taught high school biology for 12 years and left to become a full-time mom.  Her husband’s job has taken the family to Tulsa, OK, Bakersfield CA, and then to Cleveland in 2015.

Fitness has always been important to Rose since she was a gymnast into her teens and played competitive volleyball into her early 30’s. It was while living in Bakersfield that she began to work with a personal trainer who motivated her to push through the challenges of getting older.

Rose became a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer in 2019. She has experience conducting one-on-one, partner, and small group training sessions for clients of all ages and fitness levels. The programs she designs are centered around functional training, strength training, flexibility and balance exercises that keep clients engaged and challenged.

"The whole point of working out is to get or stay healthy and to be able to do stuff: lifting heavy things out of the trunk of your car, being able to bike 50 miles, having a more fluid golf swing, or to simply move better in everyday life.”

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