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Megan Eash

Fitness Coach

I started my fitness career off as a figure skater and ballet dancer at the age of 3. However, I severely suffered from self esteem and body image issues (I was a chubby kid) and I wouldn’t allow myself to step into a gym until I was 24 years old. I used to run up and down our stairs at home, teach pretend fitness classes in my bed room, and throw around an 8lb hoping it was doing something.

It wasn’t until my mom died when I was 24 that I realized I needed something more. I joined a gym, having somewhat gained an idea of what I was doing, and I showed up. I kept showing up even when I didn’t want to. Sometimes I didn’t show up, and that was OK too. But in the last 7 years, I’ve shown up at way more than I haven’t and I want to help YOU show up.

Getting started is the hardest part and will forever be the hardest part. But it doesn’t matter where you start. Start with your home stairs. Start with an 8lb weight. Start by going for a walk, taking a sip of water. It all starts with starting and it doesn’t matter how.

Whether it be weight loss, strength training, or mobility training, I want to help you START.

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